IDM CC for Chrome and Firefox Integration 48,49,50,51,52,53 download

IDM CC Updated Integration for Firefox

Many of us Stuck with an speed of Downloading.To overcome this problem IDM CC is used worldwide.This article mainly focused to repair the error functionality of updated or older versions of IDM CC on your browser. It is an best compatible friend for all Browsers.
  • IDM CC is an Firefox plugin. We also enable it by IDM CC integration or IDM CC.The installation of IDM CC is an Firefox Extension.Internet Download Manager is an user friendly Download Manager which helps to download files,videos in high speed.
  • But sometimes IDM CC wont work properly this is mainly due to the fact that Installed IDM CC could not catch up the download link. In some other issues it shows that IDM CC cannot download the file because of the timeout error. This problem can be overcome by an simple plugin.That is IDM CC or IDM CC plugin.
  • You can plugin the add-ons in chrome or Firefox browser. Once you plugin this add-ons your IDM CC can easily catch up the download link and make ease operation towards downloading videos.



IDM CC is just an plugin for all browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Chrome which using the Internet Download Manager.The following steps are described for manual installation of this IDM CC.Many come across a problem regarding updated version of IDM CC stated that even the video link cannot be catch through updated versions of IDM CC . This literally means that you can operate the same download link through old version of IDM CC extensions. To get an quick recovery click on to the following link in Chrome or Firefox and download the IDM CC by its available version.
IDM CC download link


For the Mozilla Firefox of versions from 29 to 35 IDM CC version 7.3.7 is best compatible.The simple steps for installation of IDM CC are available below.
Step 1: As the first step download IDM CC from idm cc or and extract the downloaded file here.
Step 2: Go to the add-ons of the Firefox or Chrome browser.
Step 3:Soon after this the dialogue box opens for the add-ons installation to your Firefox or any other browser.
Step 4:Now choose the .XPI file which is extracted by following the step 1.
Step 5: Without lagging any time the next step is to install the add-ons. After sometimes and further some steps you can see the dialogue box of Software Installation.
Step 6: Based on the version of your browser you get the security warning on the top of the dialogue box .
Step 7: The security warning may be either “Edit option” or “Allow” button.
Step 8: Once you got Allow button without any delay continue with allow button.Your installation proceed further by this click.
Step 9:Click on the “Install Now” button. This initiates the installation.
Step 10: This “Install Now” option replaces the older versions of IDM CC add-on to its newer version once it get completed installing.
Step 11: You can upgraded to new version by restarting your browser.


Step 1:

First download add-ons from the below link
                           IDM Integration or IDM CC
you can also download latest version of IDM fro chrome and Firefox
                                              IDM CC new Version

Step 2:

Download this add-ons and install IDM CC as per the above procedures.In few cases in Mozilla Firefox the add-ons cannot be directly installed , in those cases save it to the download folder. Now go to add-ons option in your Firefox Browser.

Step 3:

Now click on the Add-ons setting options and install Add-ons from the file.

Step 5:

Select .XPI file and open it. IDM CC Add-ons will be automatically installed and restarted.


As you can install IDM CC to you browser by following above few steps, you can also disable IDM CC from your Mozilla whenever you don’t need IDM CC or you need any up-gradation.The enable and disable can be done in few steps as follows.
  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Go to Add-ons Manager option.
  3. On the basic four options you can see Extensions. Click on the ‘Extension’ option.
  4. Once you click that you can view all your installed applications for Enable/Disable operation.
  5. The Enabled application has an option to ‘Disable’ and the disabled application has an option to get ‘Enable’.
  6.  The Enable/Disable button used to Enable/disable the IDM CC.
  7. You can also remove the IDM CC permanently from your browser by clicking ‘Remove/Uninstall’ option.
                                                               Extensions in Add-ons

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