IDM CC for Firefox 44- Integration Guide For Working of IDM On Firefox 44

Download IDM CC for Firefox 44 updated version of 2016

The 3 possible cases where users feel difficulty on IDM are case 1)If you updated Firefox your current IDM stops working. case 2)Sometimes Firefox said that it disabled IDM extension because it wasn’t compatible. case 3) you cannot integrate IDM into Firefox 3 to Firefox 44 versions? In order to make an resolving medium following steps provide you the necessary guide to integrate and use IDM easily.

Guiding steps for IDM installation

Step 1

You want to be sure that you have updated the latest version of IDM on your Firefox in order to overcome all the spun problems. If not update it quickly by using Help->Quick update menu item.This will help you in knowing the latest updated versions of IDM CC on market which you can make use.


Step 2

Don’t forget to turn your browser to General Tab on your browser. This will helps your browser to operate in a general mode so that you can easily search on the descriptions regarding IDM on Firefox current version.

Step 3

After updating the IDM now you need to update extensions corresponding to IDM for Firefox.For extensions update click on Tools->Add-ons.
 Add-ons option

Step 4

After add-on selected the Add-on menu bar opens. Click on the extension option to see the recent updates applications.Where you can notice Internet download Manager Integration module for Mozilla.
Add-on menu bar

Step 5

If you have uninstall option click on the option and confirm the uninstall.Then close and restart the Firefox browser. Then Firefox will automatically fix and update the latest version of IDM.

Step 6

If there is no Uninstall option and if you are using latest version of IDM but integration is not working then it is possible that you can use old version of IDM for your Firefox.
To get IDM click on the download option and read the instruction to install IDM .

Add-on free version for Firefox 37,38,39,40,41,42,43

  1. You can download IDM from the above link .
  2. You can download IDM plugin form Mozilla and also from Chrome.your Firefox browser shows compatible versions of IDM CC plugin for your Internet Download manager.
  3. tab on the install button and confirm the installation process.then IDM CC will automatically creates to your browser.
  4. After this process restart your whole Firefox browser.Then the Firefox version gets automatically integrates with IDM version.

How to solve problems regarding IDM on Firefox

On some times when you install IDM plugin in your Browser some versions of Browsers example Firefox 29 shows Warning Dialogue box .
Don’t worry about this just click on edit and allow button.Now you can access IDM on your current Firefox Version.

You can enable and disable IDM form your browser

Here is the step by step procedure to enable and disable IDM
  • Go to the settings
  • There you can see Add-on Manager tab.This has the add-on for IDM
  • Below this you can see Extensions options
  • Click on the extensions tab.
  • If IDM already enabled you can see Disable option.
  • If your IDM is Disabled then you can see Enable option.
  • From here you can enable or disable IDM for your Firefox and Chrome.
  • You have done the enable and disable of IDM.
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