IDM CC for Chrome,Firefox 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 Versions

IDM CC for Chrome and Firefox: The IDM CC is one the important browser extensions which will helps you to download the files which can be downloaded from the websites. Get full version details of IDM on just one click here IDM CC for Firefox Guide.This idm cc is a type of software or browser extension which will helps you to download any type of media files in faster manner. The main and excellent feature of this idm cc is to provide the download option for video and audio files. Here the detailed information will helps you to download the idm cc for your most famous browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Note : Below IDMCC.xpi file can be used for Firefox upto 52th Version of Mozilla.

IDM CC- Internet Download Manager Browser Extension:

While coming to the question why we need to use IDM instead of other download managers. it is an important factor that to be considered that Internet Download Manager as on simply say IDM has a smart download logic accelerator which provides an key feature of intelligent dynamic file segmentation. IDM cc also provides safe multi part downloading technology to accelerate your downloads.The version of IDM CC for Firefox 29,30,31,32,33,34

Internet Download managers
Internet Download manager


supports firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3
audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet
Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla
Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically
handle your downloads.The downloads of IDM CC installation guide can also be provided.

Important Features of Idm cc:

  • Multilingual support
  • Zip preview
  • Download Categories
  • Scheduler pro
  • Sounds on different events
  • HTTPS support
  • Queue
  • HTML help and tutorial
  • Enhanced Virus protection on download
  • Progressive downloading with Quotas
For more detailed features about this idm cc for Chrome and Mozilla then click here idm cc features.

IDM CC Extension Download For Chrome and Firefox:

  •  Some may got problem even after installing IDM cc on any of the Firefox versions. 
  • This problem on installation of IDM cc arises only if you have updated only the Firefox or chrome version but not the version of IDM cc.
  • The extension versions of IDM cc are download from the below link which make your download faster even in the eleventh hour.Download Extension of IDM CC for Chrome and Firefox
Idm cc for firefox
Idm cc for firefox
  • Thus while updating your Firefox or chrome also update the IDM cc

Idm cc- Browser Required Versions of Mozilla Firefox:

IDM cc must be extends to its version that updates up to Firefox 39 and further versions.

Download idm cc for Firefox:

  • IDM cc is a Internet Download Manager Firefox plugin and it need to be installed in Firefox Extension.
  • Sometimes we met with the problem where this extension wont work properly.
  • If idm cc is not working properly it shows an dialogue box stating that “IDM cannot download the file because of time out”.
  • This problem can be solved by idm cc plugin.
  • By using this plugin this ads-on in your browser IDM catch Automatic download link.

The Integration Guide and Updates for idm cc in Chrome and Firefox:

The complete guide for plugin and updates of idm cc for Firefox can be get from the following link which made the process easier.

Download idm cc FOR CHROME:

As mentioned, IDM cc is an adds-on which is needed by the chrome which enables the Internet Download Manager download button in your browser.


download idm cc
download idm cc

Condition 1- idm cc integration:

If you find find IDM extension in chrome then the condition arises how to configure extension for chrome.
Step 1: Press on chrome menu which is shown by arrow 1 .
Step 2: Select “settings” from the menu items which is shown by arrow 2
Step 3: Then select the “Extension tab” on the left side items which is denoted by arrow 3.
Step 4: Check that “IDM Extension Module” is enabled on your browser if not enable it. which is shown by arrow 4.
Step 5: If u use incognito window then enable the box stating ” Allow in Incognito ” Shown by arrow 5.
Thus the IDM CC can now used in Mac and Android.Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android

Condition 2- idm cc integration:

If your IDM extension was removed by google or you have deleted IDM extension by mistake. How it can be reinstalled. Make use of following steps.
Step 1: If u do not have extension then a blank page of chrome extension.
Step 2: Open ” c:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager ” by default which is marked by arrow 1.

Step 3: Now you can see the file names as “IDMGCExt.crx”.

Step 4: Drag and Drop the file into “Extension” page in your chrome browser.
That’s it folks if you follow the above information you will be able to use this idm cc to download any type of media files from your browser. If you have any queries related to this guide feel free to comment us, we will help to solve your problem in quicker manner. Thus the IDM CC can now used in Mac .Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android
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