IDM CC Add On Installation-Chrome & Firefox Versions

How to integrate IDM with Firefox- IDM CC Add on:

The following are some simple steps which lead effectively towards the installation of IDM CC add-ons for All versions of Firefox from 12 to 17. Enable it to download music, videos, documents etc with high speed.Get an IDM CC Addon installation complete guide.

Important Steps in idm cc Integration:

Step 1: Download IDM CC as an first step from idm cc or Extract the downloaded file.
Step 2: Go to the Add-ons page of the Firefox 12,13,14,15,16,17 Web Browser.
Step 3: The dialogue box opens for installation of add-ons to your Firefox. Click the settings option-> Install Add-ons from the file as below.The version of IDM CC for Firefox 29,30,31,32,33,34 .

Add-ons Manager

Step 4: Now Choose the .XPI file which is extracted as by following step 1.
Step 5: With no steps further Install Add-on now.
Step 6: After the steps are proceeded you get an pop up window called “Software Installation” as shown below.

Software Installation

Software Installation

Step 7: If you follow all the above steps Sequentially, you may certainly have installed IDM CC add-on for your Firefox versions. Now just restart your Firefox Browser.
Step 8: You are done.

 Tips to be followed during cases of sarcastic situation:

  •  During Manual Installation as per the above steps, if Firefox prompts you with an “Edit Option”, Click it to open the allotted Sites – Software Installation Box. As the next step click on “Allow” , Close the Firefox window, Reopen it and repeat the manual instruction from the beginning.
  • In case , if the dialogue box appears with the title “Opening” followed by an .XPI file name, select open with -> browse -> Firefox or Mozilla Firefox -> click OK and follow the onscreen Instructions .Thus the IDM CC can now used in Android.Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android

Warnings and simply steps to get reform:

  • sometimes the IDM CC extensions wont work after it is added to the Firefox and just enabled because of incompatibility with other add-ons . when this situation happens , disable all add-ons and check it again. If it suddenly comes to working then check all the add-ons till you met the one which causing problem, remove it and search for the alternative via a simply tool bar called “Search all Add-ons” bar.
  • Sometime this may also leads to failure search, then you want to uninstall IDM CC and Firefox, Restart your computer and reinstall the programs.
  • Reinstalling Firefox will reset all your browsing to its default settings. If you have bookmarks you want to keep, export them beforehand as an HTML file backup saved to draft and then import the needed file to the Firefox from the file.
  • Download Extension of IDM CC for Chrome and Firefox

How to integrate IDM CC with Chrome- General settings for IDM

Step 1: open the Internet Download Manager which you previously downloaded.
Step 2: Go to the Downloads –> Option.
Step 3: The window provide you 9 different tabs, click on the “General” tab and check mark the Box named “Use Advanced Browser Integration” as shown below.

Use Advanced Browser Integration

Use Advanced Browser Integration

Step 4:  By clicking the respective check box an pop up windows opens and asking for the system to reboot as shown in the below images and click “OK“.Thus the IDM CC can now used in Mac and Android.Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android

idm cc integration

idm cc integration

Step 5: Thus after restarting your chrome Browser and all other browsers will be integrated with IDM.
Step 6: Thus the process is all done and IDM for chrome is ready to use.

Thus the installations made easy at your hand-spot and make use of updated versions of IDM CC for both Chrome and Firefox . In case of any queries and incompatibility feel free to comment us. We will look at your problems to give better solution.The downloads of IDM CC installation guide can also be provided.

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