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IDM for Mac- Internet Download Manager in Mac using Wineskin

IDM an Dream for Apple users-Installation Procedure

Many Apple followers download and install IDM-Internet Download Manager download manager on Mac OS X through Crossover through simple installation steps. But Installation of IDM can also made easy by following some instruction through Wineskin.Thus the IDM CC can now used in Mac .Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android

Installation procedure to run IDM.DMG (Internet Download Manager) through Wineskin

Thus there is no more complication in installing IDM internet download manager in your Mac.

Step 1

  • Download the IDM Internet Download Manager  then drag it and drop on the file after running it. 
  • Drop it in the Application Folder ,this follows an same steps of normally installing other applications under Mac OS X.
  • The application window opens.In the application folder you can see the recently updated informs if for example you have downloaded IDM-Internet Download Manager the application windows will appear as like below.
The downloads of IDM CC installation guide can also be provided.

  • This is the opening window where you want to drop the IDM Internet Download Manager .
  • Thus the above image denotes that you have on recently updated version of application which is Internet Download Manager

Step 2

  • This is an new version of IDM(6.23) thus it is not necessary to upgrade to new version when available.
  • Thus the updated version of IDM opens in a new window if you have any problem which arises generally when downloading IDM on other sites.Download it from here or in below 

  • Thus the check for update option notifies the updated version but it is not needed since the IDM you have downloaded is an new version. Close the Window with no other restriction.
  • You have done with Downloading new version of IDM. Start to enjoy the new IDM with increased speed.

Step 3

  • Try the newly installed IDM , you can experience a download speed gained about 100 MB/S.
  • The downloading speed of IDM-Internet Download Manager makes you an new experience

  • Thus installation procedure falls easy and install IDM on Mac and enjoy using an high speed download option.

IDM CC Version 6.25

  • If your browser needs an updation above version 6.23 try the next compatible version 6.25. Version 6.25 in IDM-Internet Download Manager adds Windows 10 Compatibility,adds IDM panel for Web Players that can be used to download flash videos from sites like Myspace TV and others.
  • It also features complete Windows 8.1(Windows 8,Windows 7 and Vista) support,Video page grabber, redeveloped scheduler and MMS protocol support.
  • The new version also adds improved integration for IE 11 and IE based Browser,redesigned and enhanced download engine,the unique advanced integration into all latest browsers,improved toolbar and a wealth of other improvements and new features.

Build 15 features of IDM 6.25

  • Schedule the transfer process (hang uo or shut down your pc after finishing it).
  • It divides the files even your games you want to trasnfer ito different streams.
  • Automatic Viruses protection to ensure the files you have downloaded is free from harmful viruses like Trogan viruses.
  • Drag and Drop friendly moving processes by using this process choose the link you want and drop it into the program.
  • It restarts the program if there is any connection problem like power loss, power failure,sudden shutdown of PC etc
  • Its support extends to Authorization,Firewalls,ftp and http protocols,re-director,MPEG videos and MP3 audios are supported.
  • The possibility to integrate with the common bowsers such as Mozilla,Firefox,opera,Microsoft.
  • A enhanced and redesigned built-in engine drivers.
  • The new Verison of IDM-Internet Download Manager fetaures a web grabber,MMS protocol services.
  • A improved Toolbar Facilities and Graphical interactions.
  • Multilingual Support extension.
  • HTML help is also available as an side bar.
  • An updated recently folders are consoldated in the applocation forntier thus the searching is made easy.
  • Negotiate,Kerberos,Basic and NTLM auhtentication protocols are supported.
  • Thus the IDM CC can now used in Mac and Android.Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android
  • The downloads of IDM CC installation guide can also be provided.

System Requirements to Download IDM version 6.25

  • Operating system shouls be Windows NT or Higher.
  • Processer should be in option of Pentium IV or 1.2GHZ or Compatible.
  • Should have ram range of 512MB.
  • HDD with 12MB of free disc space.
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