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IDM CC for Chrome,Firefox 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 Versions

IDM CC for Chrome and Firefox: The IDM CC is one the important browser extensions which will helps you to download the files which can be downloaded from the websites. Get full version details of IDM on just one click here IDM CC for Firefox Guide.This idm cc is a type of software or browser extension which will helps you to download any type of media files in faster manner. The main and excellent feature of this idm cc is to provide the download option for video and audio files. Here the detailed information will helps you to download the idm cc for your most famous browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you have enough time then check the articles from web like imo for pc, whatsapp for samsung and bbm for pc.

IDM CC- Internet Download Manager Browser Extension:

While coming to the question why we need to use IDM instead of other download managers. it is an important factor that to be considered that Internet Download Manager as on simply say IDM has a smart download logic accelerator which provides an key feature of intelligent dynamic file segmentation. IDM cc also provides safe multi part downloading technology to accelerate your downloads.The version of IDM CC for Firefox 29,30,31,32,33,34
Internet Download managers
Internet Download manager


supports firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads.The downloads of IDM CC installation guide can also be provided.

Important Features of Idm cc: 

  • Multilingual support
  • Zip preview
  • Download Categories
  • Scheduler pro
  • Sounds on different events
  • HTTPS support
  • Queue processor
  • HTML help and tutorial
  • Enhanced Virus protection on download completion
  • Progressive downloading with Quotas 
For more detailed features about this idm cc for Chrome and Mozilla then click here idm cc features.

IDM CC Extension Download For Chrome and Firefox:

  •  Some may got problem even after installing IDM cc on any of the Firefox versions. 
  • This problem on installation of IDM cc arises only if you have updated only the Firefox or chrome version but not the version of IDM cc.
  • The extension versions of IDM cc are download from the below link which make your download faster even in the eleventh hour.Download Extension of IDM CC for Chrome and Firefox
Idm cc for firefox
Idm cc for firefox
  • Thus while updating your Firefox or chrome also update the IDM cc

Idm cc- Browser Required Versions of Mozilla Firefox:

IDM cc must be extends to its version that updates up to Firefox 39 and further versions.

Download idm cc for Firefox:

  • IDM cc is a Internet Download Manager Firefox plugin and it need to be installed in Firefox Extension.
  • Sometimes we met with the problem where this extension wont work properly.
  • If idm cc is not working properly it shows an dialogue box stating that "IDM cannot download the file because of time out".
  • This problem can be solved by idm cc plugin.
  • By using this plugin this ads-on in your browser IDM catch Automatic download link.

The Integration Guide and Updates for idm cc in Chrome and Firefox:

The complete guide for plugin and updates of idm cc for Firefox can be get from the following link which made the process easier.

Download idm cc FOR CHROME:

As mentioned, IDM cc is an adds-on which is needed by the chrome which enables the Internet Download Manager download button in your browser.

download idm cc
download idm cc

Condition 1- idm cc integration:

If you find find IDM extension in chrome then the condition arises how to configure extension for chrome.
Step 1: Press on chrome menu which is shown by arrow 1 .
Step 2: Select "settings" from the menu items which is shown by arrow 2
Step 3: Then select the "Extension tab" on the left side items which is denoted by arrow 3.
Step 4: Check that "IDM Extension Module" is enabled on your browser if not enable it. which is shown by arrow 4.
Step 5: If u use incognito window then enable the box stating " Allow in Incognito " Shown by arrow 5.
Thus the IDM CC can now used in Mac and Android.Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android

Condition 2- idm cc integration:

If your IDM extension was removed by google or you have deleted IDM extension by mistake. How it can be reinstalled. Make use of following steps.
Step 1: If u do not have extension then a blank page of chrome extension.
Step 2: Open " c:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager " by default which is marked by arrow 1.
Step 3: Now you can see the file names as "IDMGCExt.crx".
Step 4: Drag and Drop the file into "Extension" page in your chrome browser.

That's it folks if you follow the above information you will be able to use this idm cc to download any type of media files from your browser. If you have any queries related to this guide feel free to comment us, we will help to solve your problem in quicker manner. Thus the IDM CC can now used in Mac .Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android
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IDM CC for Chrome and Firefox Integration 48,49,50,51,52,53 download - complete

IDM CC Updated Integration for Firefox

Many of us Stuck with an speed of Downloading.To overcome this problem IDM CC is used worldwide.This article mainly focused to repair the error functionality of updated or older versions of IDM CC on your browser. It is an best compatible friend for all Browsers.

  • IDM CC is an Firefox plugin. We also enable it by IDM CC integration or IDM CC.The installation of IDM CC is an Firefox Extension.Internet Download Manager is an user friendly Download Manager which helps to download files,videos in high speed.
  • But sometimes IDM CC wont work properly this is mainly due to the fact that Installed IDM CC could not catch up the download link. In some other issues it shows that IDM CC cannot download the file because of the timeout error. This problem can be overcome by an simple plugin.That is IDM CC or IDM CC plugin.
  • You can plugin the add-ons in chrome or Firefox browser. Once you plugin this add-ons your IDM CC can easily catch up the download link and make ease operation towards downloading videos. 


IDM CC is just an plugin for all browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Chrome which using the Internet Download Manager.The following steps are described for manual installation of this IDM CC.Many come across a problem regarding updated version of IDM CC stated that even the video link cannot be catch through updated versions of IDM CC . This literally means that you can operate the same download link through old version of IDM CC extensions. To get an quick recovery click on to the following link in Chrome or Firefox and download the IDM CC by its available version.
IDM CC download link


For the Mozilla Firefox of versions from 29 to 35 IDM CC version 7.3.7 is best compatible.The simple steps for installation of IDM CC are available below.
Step 1: As the first step download IDM CC from idm cc or and extract the downloaded file here.
Step 2: Go to the add-ons of the Firefox or Chrome browser.
Step 3:Soon after this the dialogue box opens for the add-ons installation to your Firefox or any other browser.
Step 4:Now choose the .XPI file which is extracted by following the step 1.
Step 5: Without lagging any time the next step is to install the add-ons. After sometimes and further some steps you can see the dialogue box of Software Installation.
Step 6: Based on the version of your browser you get the security warning on the top of the dialogue box .

Step 7: The security warning may be either "Edit option" or "Allow" button.
Step 8: Once you got Allow button without any delay continue with allow button.Your installation proceed further by this click.
Step 9:Click on the "Install Now" button. This initiates the installation.
Step 10: This "Install Now" option replaces the older versions of IDM CC add-on to its newer version once it get completed installing.
Step 11: You can upgraded to new version by restarting your browser.


Step 1:

First download add-ons from the below link
                           IDM Integration or IDM CC
you can also download latest version of IDM fro chrome and Firefox
                                              IDM CC new Version

Step 2:

Download this add-ons and install IDM CC as per the above procedures.In few cases in Mozilla Firefox the add-ons cannot be directly installed , in those cases save it to the download folder. Now go to add-ons option in your Firefox Browser.

Step 3:

Now click on the Add-ons setting options and install Add-ons from the file.

Step 5:

Select .XPI file and open it. IDM CC Add-ons will be automatically installed and restarted.


As you can install IDM CC to you browser by following above few steps, you can also disable IDM CC from your Mozilla whenever you don't need IDM CC or you need any up-gradation.The enable and disable can be done in few steps as follows.
  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Go to Add-ons Manager option.
  3. On the basic four options you can see Extensions. Click on the 'Extension' option.
  4. Once you click that you can view all your installed applications for Enable/Disable operation.
  5. The Enabled application has an option to 'Disable' and the disabled application has an option to get 'Enable'.
  6.  The Enable/Disable button used to Enable/disable the IDM CC.
  7. You can also remove the IDM CC permanently from your browser by clicking 'Remove/Uninstall' option.
                                                               Extensions in Add-ons

Friday, 14 October 2016

Download Internet download Manager Full new Version- Free Download Links Available

IDM 6.26  Build 7 Full version Download

IDM 6.26
IDM ( Internet Download Manager) drops its new version to download IDM to your device  to solve all the issues during setup. This version of IDM  is the most powerful tool. Its has an additional feature of Error comprehensive and resume capabilities. Even now many of our users have IDM with serial key to Download files, musics, Videos from Internet.
Get new version of IDM 6.26 here
IDM 6.26 Download

 Why to go for IDM latest version 6.26

It helps you to download whatever you want with 5 times of greater speed.If you want to use IDM 6.26 then you need to buy or purchase the version but here you can take it for free. You can also get  for free.Enjoy the new way of downloading option. Here you can also get the setup guide for free. Download your IDM in just a while and enjoy surfing.
In addition to the regular facts you can get the premium feature of IDM 6.26 which the normal versions of IDM don't hold. You can download the Latest version of IDM 6.26  for free and enjoy unlimited downloading.You'll get cool features that you can enjoy for free.
Screen of the IDM 6.26
 IDM 6.26
IDM 6.26

IDM  6.26 listed features

  • Supports multi part download facility 
  • Easily connect to the internet at a same time it also download the file.
  • Support accelerate the download speed up to 5 times.
  • Easy to get high speed of download range.
  • Suitable for any Firefox and Chrome version.
  • IDM license key supports multilingual.
  • Every user find it very Useful.
  • This IDM supports more than 150+ internet browsers.
  • IDM also supports window operating system
  • You can download any files withing single click.
  • IDM 6.26 has smart Download logic Accelerator.
Download IDM in your finger tip here
Download IDM 6.26

Whats new with IDM 6.26

  • All critical bugs can be fixed with new version.
  • This IDM fix the current problem by automatically disabling Chrome Browser.
  • It has been added to support for 50 Firefox Browsers 
  • IDM 6.26 also fix the problem by disk space occupation.
  • IDM solve many issue and fix the bug by several video recognition for many websites.

Know how to use the new version of IDM

  • Download the new version of IDM from above.
  • Uninstall the previous saved IDM version form your device.
  • Disconnect the internet connector and open the setup folder.
  • Complete the installtion procedure by simply running the IDM.exe file.
  • Exit the IDM from you computer tsakbar.
  • Run the patch which attached with it by entering your name and register IDM.
  • Thats the final step of your installtion and enjoy the new version and download without tuned.
You can get the latest version of IDM as soon as it is updated. The main purpose of IDM is to provide the safe and error free downloading world.

Download IDM6.26 here

 IDM 6.26

Download the  Setup file here

The setup guide makes you to open IDM without any bugs

Download IDM 6.26 here
Download links are available for your easy downloading. Download IDM 6.26 
Download here

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IDM CC for Firefox 44-An Complete Integration guide for working of IDM on Firefox 44

Download IDM CC for Firefox 44 updated version of 2016

The 3 possible cases where users feel difficulty on IDM are case 1)If you updated Firefox your current IDM stops working. case 2)Sometimes Firefox said that it disabled IDM extension because it wasn't compatible. case 3) you cannot integrate IDM into Firefox 3 to Firefox 44 versions? In order to make an resolving medium following steps provide you the necessary guide to integrate and use IDM easily.

Guiding steps for IDM installation

Step 1 

You want to be sure that you have updated the latest version of IDM on your Firefox in order to overcome all the spun problems. If not update it quickly by using Help->Quick update menu item.This will help you in knowing the latest updated versions of IDM CC on market which you can make use.

Step 2

Don't forget to turn your browser to General Tab on your browser. This will helps your browser to operate in a general mode so that you can easily search on the descriptions regarding IDM on Firefox current version.

Step 3

After updating the IDM now you need to update extensions corresponding to IDM for Firefox.For extensions update click on Tools->Add-ons.

Add-ons option

Step 4

After add-on selected the Add-on menu bar opens. Click on the extension option to see the recent updates applications.Where you can notice Internet download Manager Integration module for Mozilla.

Add-on menu bar

Step 5

If you have uninstall option click on the option and confirm the uninstall.Then close and restart the Firefox browser. Then Firefox will automatically fix and update the latest version of IDM.

Step 6

If there is no Uninstall option and if you are using latest version of IDM but integration is not working then it is possible that you can use old version of IDM for your Firefox.

To get IDM click on the download option and read the instruction to install IDM .

Adds-on free version for Firefox 37,38,39,40,41,42,43

  1. You can download IDM from the above link .
  2. You can download IDM plugin form Mozilla and also from Chrome.your Firefox browser shows compatible versions of IDM CC plugin for your Internet Download manager.
  3. tab on the install button and confirm the installation process.then IDM CC will automatically creates to your browser.
  4. After this process restart your whole Firefox browser.Then the Firefox version gets automatically integrates with IDM version.

How to solve problems regarding IDM on Firefox

On some times when you install IDM plugin in your Browser some versions of Browsers example Firefox 29 shows Warning Dialogue box .
Don't worry about this just click on edit and allow button.Now you can access IDM on your current Firefox Version.

You can enable and disable IDM form your browser

Here is the step by step procedure to enable and disable IDM 
  • Go to the settings
  • There you can see Add-on Manager tab.This has the add-on for IDM 
  • Below this you can see Extensions options 

  • Click on the extensions tab.
  • If IDM already enabled you can see Disable option.
  • If your IDM is Disabled then you can see Enable option.
  • From here you can enable or disable IDM for your Firefox and Chrome.
  • You have done the enable and disable of IDM.
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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Internet Download Manager for Android and Mac Free Download

Internet Download Manager

IDM an Internet Download manager is a key tool to increase the download speed . IDM is mainly used to troubleshoot and resume the function or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, Network problems, computer shutdown, or unexpected power loss.The version of IDM CC for Firefox 29,30,31,32,33,34 .Single graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use. IDM-Internet Download Manager app is really useful if you are used to downloading many files and want to increase the speed.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) for Android 

Increase your download Speed of Android  with IDM

Android OS supports various file downloads form the default browser. But the download speed using this default method other than IDM is very slow and it becomes slower when you browse the web. Here an expert analysis made Internet Download manager( IDM) app comes tot he rescue of the above cases.Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool increases browsing speed up to 511%

Apart from IDM increase speed up to 5 times it can resume and schedule downloads. Internet Download Manager also recovers Comprehensive error and has resume capability which restart broken or interrupted downloads.Internet Download Manager (IDM) has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Get full version details of IDM on just one click here IDM CC for Firefox Guide.

To get Internet Download Manager on your Android device you should require Android 2.1+
Get free Internet Download Manager (IDM) free download here

                                  Internet Download Manager for Android [Free] Download

Internet Download Manager (IDM ) for Mac

Finally you can use the most provider app in you iPhone. Internet Download Manager (IDM) now extends its support to mac. Install IDM on your Mac from IDM for Mac Free download and enjoy the full speed download Facilities on your mobile. For the user Convenience the simple steps for installation of Internet Download Manager (IDM) are listed below. Make use of these steps to download and install IDM and enjoy using it.The downloads of IDM CC installation guide can also be provided.
Before getting into the installation procedure of IDM for mac many had an doubt about the query 

IS it possible to get IDM on Mac?

This question has an positive answer..YES it is possible to get IDM on Mac. 
surely you can get IDM on Mac either by Crossover or WINESKIN. To know the steps to be followed to download IDM for Mac in Wineskin just follow the instruction in Steps to get IDM for Mac using Wineskin
The following are the steps to get IDM for Mac through Crossover.Crossover is designed to help running the windows software on Mac OS.The downloads of IDM CC installation guide can also be provided.

Steps for Installing IDM for Mac

Installation of IDM involves two necessary factors requirement

Download Crossover for Mac full version Free

Download Crossover for Mac as an first step to install IDM in iPhone. Pay a click in download option below to download crossover for Installing IDM on Mac.
Download Crossover for Mac-Free

Download IDM Full version Free

Get full version of IDM supported feature download link for Mac below
Download IDM Full version

Thus by the steps now IDM and Crossover should be actively ready.
Thus the IDM CC can now used in Android.Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android

Installing processes for getting IDM on Mac

Step 1 

  • Run crossover. This helps in install windows software on Mac OS X. 
  • once you have opened an crossover option you are provided with the welcome window saying "Welcome to CrossOver" .
  • This window is common for all the supportable browsers like Windows, Microsoft,Opera,etc.
  • when running you can get with the pop up option saying the two options as below
Download Extension of IDM CC for Chrome and Firefox

  • One called as Install Window software which is the updated or newly recovered version of IDM. Download latest versions as per their features from the link provided below.
  • The second option provided is the Run installed Software which is the Software installed previously.This Software protocol is common for all Android usages.
  • From the two options click on First option stating Install Windows Software, By doing so you can get an another window.
  • In order to know more about the on-date performance of IDM in android click on learn more option.

Step 2

  • once you have click on the first option you can see this window .
  • This is the Crossover Software Installer . From this Window you can access all the other installed applications like crossover explorer and all other previously updated applications.

  • Form the window in the search option open IDM  which you downloaded.
As an next step you must follow the instructions to get IDM for Mac

Step 3

  • At crossover Choose the Proceed >>select "jongcanz.idman617b7.exe" at the top>>click to install.
  • Thus at the quite delay the application is installed in your Android Device.

Step 4

  • By doing above steps you will lead to the final installation procedure .
  • On seeing the installation box you can go wit the familiar setup steps for installation.Click on install , after clicking install if  Other Application box does not move  just click on "X" and choose "Done". 

  • Thus you now finish Installing process.You can now enjoy the speed of downloading all the MPEG videos and MP3 audio with high speed downloading capacity by IDM-Internet Download Manager

Download IDM for Mac here 

Get all new version of Supportable IDM for Mac here and enjoy the high speed data download capacity.
In case of any query be free to post the comment.keep on follow us for more updated features of IDM and download IDM for Mac, Chrome,Mozilla,Firefox 29,30,31,32,33,34,35 and read their complete hand on guide only on Thus the IDM CC can now used in Mac .Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android

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IDM for Mac- Internet Download Manager in Mac using Wineskin

IDM an Dream for Apple users-Installation Procedure

Many Apple followers download and install IDM-Internet Download Manager download manager on Mac OS X through Crossover through simple installation steps. But Installation of IDM can also made easy by following some instruction through Wineskin.Thus the IDM CC can now used in Mac .Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android

Installation procedure to run IDM.DMG (Internet Download Manager) through Wineskin

Thus there is no more complication in installing IDM internet download manager in your Mac.

Step 1

  • Download the IDM Internet Download Manager  then drag it and drop on the file after running it. 
  • Drop it in the Application Folder ,this follows an same steps of normally installing other applications under Mac OS X.
  • The application window opens.In the application folder you can see the recently updated informs if for example you have downloaded IDM-Internet Download Manager the application windows will appear as like below.
The downloads of IDM CC installation guide can also be provided.

  • This is the opening window where you want to drop the IDM Internet Download Manager .
  • Thus the above image denotes that you have on recently updated version of application which is Internet Download Manager

Step 2

  • This is an new version of IDM(6.23) thus it is not necessary to upgrade to new version when available.
  • Thus the updated version of IDM opens in a new window if you have any problem which arises generally when downloading IDM on other sites.Download it from here or in below 

  • Thus the check for update option notifies the updated version but it is not needed since the IDM you have downloaded is an new version. Close the Window with no other restriction.
  • You have done with Downloading new version of IDM. Start to enjoy the new IDM with increased speed.

Step 3

  • Try the newly installed IDM , you can experience a download speed gained about 100 MB/S.
  • The downloading speed of IDM-Internet Download Manager makes you an new experience

  • Thus installation procedure falls easy and install IDM on Mac and enjoy using an high speed download option.

IDM CC Version 6.25

  • If your browser needs an updation above version 6.23 try the next compatible version 6.25. Version 6.25 in IDM-Internet Download Manager adds Windows 10 Compatibility,adds IDM panel for Web Players that can be used to download flash videos from sites like Myspace TV and others.
  • It also features complete Windows 8.1(Windows 8,Windows 7 and Vista) support,Video page grabber, redeveloped scheduler and MMS protocol support.
  • The new version also adds improved integration for IE 11 and IE based Browser,redesigned and enhanced download engine,the unique advanced integration into all latest browsers,improved toolbar and a wealth of other improvements and new features.

Build 15 features of IDM 6.25

  • Schedule the transfer process (hang uo or shut down your pc after finishing it).
  • It divides the files even your games you want to trasnfer ito different streams.
  • Automatic Viruses protection to ensure the files you have downloaded is free from harmful viruses like Trogan viruses.
  • Drag and Drop friendly moving processes by using this process choose the link you want and drop it into the program.
  • It restarts the program if there is any connection problem like power loss, power failure,sudden shutdown of PC etc
  • Its support extends to Authorization,Firewalls,ftp and http protocols,re-director,MPEG videos and MP3 audios are supported.
  • The possibility to integrate with the common bowsers such as Mozilla,Firefox,opera,Microsoft.
  • A enhanced and redesigned built-in engine drivers.
  • The new Verison of IDM-Internet Download Manager fetaures a web grabber,MMS protocol services.
  • A improved Toolbar Facilities and Graphical interactions.
  • Multilingual Support extension.
  • HTML help is also available as an side bar.
  • An updated recently folders are consoldated in the applocation forntier thus the searching is made easy.
  • Negotiate,Kerberos,Basic and NTLM auhtentication protocols are supported.
  • Thus the IDM CC can now used in Mac and Android.Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android
  • The downloads of IDM CC installation guide can also be provided.

System Requirements to Download IDM version 6.25

  • Operating system shouls be Windows NT or Higher.
  • Processer should be in option of Pentium IV or 1.2GHZ or Compatible.
  • Should have ram range of 512MB.
  • HDD with 12MB of free disc space.
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IDM CC for Firefox

Thursday, 31 March 2016

IDM CC Addon Installation-Chrome & Firefox Versions

How to integrate IDM with Firefox- IDM CC Add on:

The following are some simple steps which lead effectively towards the installation of IDM CC add-ons for All versions of Firefox from 12 to 17. Enable it to download music, videos, documents etc with high speed.Get an IDM CC Addon installation complete guide.

Important Steps in idm cc Integration:

Step 1: Download IDM CC as an first step from idm cc or Extract the downloaded file.
Step 2: Go to the Add-ons page of the Firefox 12,13,14,15,16,17 Web Browser.
Step 3: The dialogue box opens for installation of add-ons to your Firefox. Click the settings option-> Install Add-ons from the file as below.The version of IDM CC for Firefox 29,30,31,32,33,34 .
Add-ons Manager
Add-ons Manager
Step 4: Now Choose the .XPI file which is extracted as by following step 1.
Step 5: With no steps further Install Add-on now.
Step 6: After the steps are proceeded you get an pop up window called "Software Installation" as shown below.
Software Installation
Software Installation
Step 7: If you follow all the above steps Sequentially, you may certainly have installed IDM CC add-on for your Firefox versions. Now just restart your Firefox Browser.
Step 8: You are done.

 Tips to be followed during cases of sarcastic situation:

  •  During Manual Installation as per the above steps, if Firefox prompts you with an "Edit Option", Click it to open the allotted Sites - Software Installation Box. As the next step click on "Allow" , Close the Firefox window, Reopen it and repeat the manual instruction from the beginning.
  • In case , if the dialogue box appears with the title "Opening" followed by an .XPI file name, select open with -> browse -> Firefox or Mozilla Firefox -> click OK and follow the onscreen Instructions .Thus the IDM CC can now used in Android.Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android

Warnings and simply steps to get reform:

  • sometimes the IDM CC extensions wont work after it is added to the Firefox and just enabled because of incompatibility with other add-ons . when this situation happens , disable all add-ons and check it again. If it suddenly comes to working then check all the add-ons till you met the one which causing problem, remove it and search for the alternative via a simply tool bar called "Search all Add-ons" bar.
  • Sometime this may also leads to failure search, then you want to uninstall IDM CC and Firefox, Restart your computer and reinstall the programs.
  • Reinstalling Firefox will reset all your browsing to its default settings. If you have bookmarks you want to keep, export them beforehand as an HTML file backup saved to draft and then import the needed file to the Firefox from the file.
  • Download Extension of IDM CC for Chrome and Firefox

How to integrate IDM CC with Chrome- General settings for IDM

Step 1: open the Internet Download Manager which you previously downloaded.
Step 2: Go to the Downloads --> Option.
Step 3: The window provide you 9 different tabs, click on the "General" tab and check mark the Box named "Use Advanced Browser Integration" as shown below.
Use Advanced Browser Integration
Use Advanced Browser Integration
Step 4:  By clicking the respective check box an pop up windows opens and asking for the system to reboot as shown in the below images and click "OK".Thus the IDM CC can now used in Mac and Android.Just pay a click on here IDM CC installation in Mac and Android
idm cc integration
idm cc integration 
Step 5: Thus after restarting your chrome Browser and all other browsers will be integrated with IDM.
Step 6: Thus the process is all done and IDM for chrome is ready to use.

Thus the installations made easy at your hand-spot and make use of updated versions of IDM CC for both Chrome and Firefox . In case of any queries and incompatibility feel free to comment us. We will look at your problems to give better solution.The downloads of IDM CC installation guide can also be provided.